The Wealth of Communities

Earthscan; Routledge, 2021

How ten communities are making intelligent use of the resources on which they depend

Trees for Life

World Agroforestry Centre, 2014

Agroforestry has the power to transform the lives of billions of people. This book describes how.

The Subsidy Scandal

Earthscan, 2002

Government subsidies and pork-barrel politics are wrecking the environment in the United States

In Search of Wild India

Channel 4/Boxtree/North South Productions, 1992

This companion book to a major Channel 4 series explores the relationship between people and nature in India

In Search of Neptune

National Trust, 1990

The story of the National Trust's Enterprise Neptune, one of the world's most successful landscape conservation programmes

The Other Nile

Viking, 1986

An account of two journeys into the heart of Africa, made in the days of steam trains, long before the invention of faxes, emails and the Internet

Crisis and Conservation

Penguin, 1984

"What has survived man's use for centuries is now being swept away in a few decades"