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I thought I was going to be a farmer, but practical experience put paid to that idea. Instead I became a writer, focusing my attention on travel, conservation and how people can make a living from the land. The result is over a dozen books and scores of feature articles for the Financial Times, the Daily Telegraph, the New Scientist and many other publications.

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Tackling the Pacific health crisis

Pacific Islands3 October 2017

Towards the end of last year, the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) invited me to attend a forum in Apia, Samoa, which focused on ways to link the food sector to local markets, with the aim of enhancing economic growth and improving food and nutritional security in the Pacific. The forum was […]

A ‘Rural Rides’ for the 21st century…

London 16 August 2017

Here is a sample of what the reviewers (kindly) wrote about Land of Plenty   “A brilliantly well observed story of the British countryside, its history and its future … a Rural Rides for the 21st century” — Western Morning News “We need to take where our food comes from seriously. Pye-Smith’s investigation is thorough […]

Book launch: The Facts of Rural Life

London29 June 2015

The Facts of Rural Life was launched last week at the Farmers Club in London. Among those attending were Members of Parliament and Peers, including five former ministers, as well as scientists, journalists, country vets and representatives of a range of organisations involved in nature conservation, land management, animal welfare and field sports.

Is this the future of conservation?

London22 May 2015

In the harsh environment of northern Kenya, communities struggle with frequent droughts, poor health care, sparse or irregular government services and the threats posed by cattle rustling and ivory poaching. Ethnic rivalries dating back many centuries continue to disturb peace and undermine development. However, all this is beginning to change, thanks to a new movement […]