A ‘Rural Rides’ for the 21st century…

Here is a sample of what the reviewers (kindly) wrote about Land of Plenty


“A brilliantly well observed story of the British countryside, its history and its future … a Rural Rides for the 21st century”Western Morning News

“We need to take where our food comes from seriously. Pye-Smith’s investigation is thorough and at times remarkable”Clive Aslet, The Times

“Thoughtful … the story he tells is both full of hope and trepidation”Tom Fort, Literary Review

“Timely … it’s not just recommended reading for all those who have a special affinity with rural Britain, warts and all, but it should be top of the summer reading list for every Cabinet minister”Yorkshire Evening Post

“Personal and passionate … Its great strength is that it is neither a manifesto or a jeremiad”The National

“Pye-Smith’s writing is approachable … will be enjoyed just as much by someone who has been farming all their life as somebody who knows little about agriculture but is looking for an enjoyable non-fiction read”Ben Eagle,

“If you are interested in how food gets to you in Britain, be sure to pick up this book”

Land of Plenty is a must-read… a nuanced account of the countryside that is neither romantic or damning but refreshingly balanced”  Farmdrop, the ethical grocers


16 August 2017