What the reviewers said about ‘Land of Plenty’


“Charlie Pye-Smith’s Land of Plenty… captures the spirit of the English countryside. This is no sentimental journey, but a real reflection of rural life by a formidably well-informed commentator, yet it’s the easiest of reads, with memorable characters, surprising statistics and incisive reflections. Even those of us steeped in agriculture will find new insights in every chapter.”John Deben, Country Life¬†

“A brilliantly well observed story of the British countryside, its history and its future … a Rural Rides for the 21st century”Western Morning News

“We need to take where our food comes from seriously. Pye-Smith’s investigation is thorough and at times remarkable”Clive Aslet, The Times

“Thoughtful … the story he tells is both full of hope and trepidation”Tom Fort, Literary Review

“It’s not just recommended reading for all those who have a special affinity with rural Britain, warts and all, but it should be top of the summer reading list for every Cabinet minister”Yorkshire Evening Post

“Personal and passionate … Its great strength is that it is neither a manifesto or a jeremiad”The National

“Pye-Smith’s writing… will be enjoyed just as much by someone who has been farming all their life as somebody who knows little about agriculture but is looking for an enjoyable non-fiction read”Ben Eagle,

Land of Plenty is a must-read… a nuanced account of the countryside that is neither romantic or damning but refreshingly balanced”¬† Farmdrop, the ethical grocers


6 December 2017